PAX Range Linear Actuators

Part Number: PAX

PAX Range Linear Actuators

PAX units are flexible, low voltage actuators that are designed for use in remote, explosionproof locations. They are ideal for midstream and downstream systems that demand precision and reliability, such as within natural gas. Many PAX actuators have been supplied to gas utility companies at natural gas pressure reducing stations to provide automation. This eliminates expensive manual field operation. PAX technology provides simple and rapid compliance to emissions guidelines. They are also suitable for use within water distribution automation networks.

The wider PAX range is made up of linear actuators and motorised regulators. Common applications include pump stroke control, valve control, test equipment and the automation of mechanical spring-loaded pressure regulators. PAX1 linear actuators are low-powered; their use dramatically reduces power usage while maintaining position. This low power benefit makes them an environmentally sensible choice, while simultaneously increasing the efficiency of pilot operated valve automation within natural gas and water distribution systems.

The AC power variant allows for longer cable runs without degradation of the power supply.


  • IP rating Type 4X/Type 6P/IP66/IP68 (7 metres for 72 hours)
  • FM, CSA, CCC/NEPSI and ATEX explosionproof certified
  • Wide ambient temperature range of -40 to +80 °C (-40 to +176 °F)
  • Two power options: AC and DC
  • Pressure ranges of 0-0.5 psig to 0-3,000 psig
  • Linear stroke: 25 mm (1 “)
  • Max force: 2,890 N (650 lbf)
  • Max linear speed: 60 mm (2.36 “)/minute
  • Low power consumption: less than 1 watt during standby, ideal for installations in isolated locations
  • Optional isolated 4-20 mA position feedback
  • Overall stroke and alarm limits are defined by end user


  • Safe, predictable and reliable operation
  • Capable of rapid start-stop with high running torque enables use in open loop control and automated systems
  • Designed for use in hazardous or harsh environments
  • User selectable setting of minimum and maximum pressure values


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