Model 2000 Pneumatic Volume Booster

Part Number: M2000

Model 2000 Pneumatic Volume Booster

The Model 2000 Pneumatic Volume Booster converts a low flow signal to a high flow output. It is ideally suited for a variety of applications including the operation of air systems that require rapid valve or cylinder action. With its balanced supply valve and aspirator tube, the M2000 booster will maintain setpoint while delivering a strong boost of volume. In addition, its no bleed soft seat design minimizes air consumption of the system. As a pilot operated regulator design, the M2000 handles up to 250 psig, [17.0 BAR], (1700 kPa) supply pressure. The M2000 provides a flow capacity of 40 SCFM (68 m3/HR), which results in a Cv factor of just less than 1.0 in forward flow mode.


  • Flow capacity of 40 SCFM (68 m3/HR)
  • Balanced supply valve
  • Aspirator tube design
  • Soft supply and exhaust valve seats
  • Small signal volume
  • A separate control chamber isolates the diaphragm from the main flow
  • Unit construction


  • Provides fast responsive operation
  • Minimizes the effect of supply pressure variation
  • Minimizes downstream pressure droop under flow conditions
  • Provides high forward and exhaust flows
  • Minimizes air consumption
  • Assures rapid response to pressure variation
  • Eliminates any hunting and buzzing
  • Allows you service the unit without removing it from the line


M2000 - Specifications (189.8 KB) M2000 - Installation, Operation and Maintenance Instructions (190.09 KB)
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