Model 200XLR Pneumatic Volume Booster

Part Number: M200XLR

Model 200XLR Pneumatic Volume Booster

Based on the Model 200 valve body, the Model 200XLR Volume Booster couples two identical units to obtain ultra high flow capacity in both forward and exhaust modes. As a pilot operated regulator design, the M200 handles up to 250 psig, [17.0 BAR], (1700 kPa) supply pressure and provides a flow Ultra high capacity of 1800 SCFM (3058 m3/HR), which equates to a Cv factor of approximately 18 in both forward and exhaust flow modes.


  • Forward and exhaust flow capacity of 1800 SCFM (3058 m3/HR)
  • Control sensitivity to 1" water column
  • Increased sensitivity ("L") option
  • Separate control chamber
  • Optional adjustable by-pass needle valve (includes bubble tight exhaust valve)


  • Ultra fast responsive operation
  • Allows use in precision applications
  • Permits more precision control at low setpoints
  • Isolates the diaphragm from the main flow to eliminate hunting and buzzing
  • Allows tuning for optimum dynamic response and cycle free operation with valve positioners


M200XLR - Specifications (255.85 KB) M200XLR - Installation, Operation and Maintenance Instructions (267.55 KB)
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