Model T6000 Compact E/P, I/P Pressure Transducer

Part Number: T6000

Model T6000 Compact E/P, I/P Pressure Transducer

T6000 compact size E/P, I/P pressure transducer is a field reversible unit that provides an output directly or inversely proportional to the input signal. Its six available output pressure ranges and six available input signal ranges meet most process and machine requirements. The T6000 series is designed for precision applications providing maximum versatility. The modular construction permits any basic unit to be used in the explosionproof, rack, wall, pipe, panel, DIN rail or 3, 5, 10, or 15 unit manifold configurations and servicing or calibration is quick and easy. An extended range T6000 I/P transducer is also available, which provides output pressure capability up to 0-120 psi [0-8.0 BAR], (0-800 kPa). The extended unit is made up of three sections, the primary control section, the pneumatic relay section, and an additional pneumatic relay section. The additional relay section is used to amplify the output pressure.


  • Field reversible
  • RFI/EMI protection
  • Six output pressure ranges
  • Six input signal ranges
  • Compact size
  • Explosionproof NEMA 4X, IP65, type 4 enclosure available
  • Input and output ports on both front and bottom


  • Provides output which is directly or inversely proportional to the input signal
  • Eliminates susceptibility to electromagnetic and radio interference
  • Meets final control element requirements for most applications
  • Meets most process and machine requirements
  • Permits use in space restricted areas
  • Well suited for outdoor and indoor installations
  • Simplifies installation and pneumatic piping


T6000 - Specifications (990.25 KB) T6000 - Installation, Operation and Maintenance Instructions (1.89 MB)
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